Alesis DM-10: Beauty And Brains

Alesis Introduces Its New Flagship E-Kit

By Andrew Lentz Published July 11, 2009

Sparsely attended as the NAMM Summer 2009 show in Nashville was, attendees were nonetheless taken with the DM-10 Pro Kit, Alesis' new top of the line electronic drum set, featuring realistic, endlessly customizable drum sounds, terrific feel, and super sharp looks.

The essence of any electronic drum set is the brain. The DM10’s module not only has a breathtaking collection of sounds on board, it also enables players to load new sound sets via USB connection to their computer. Use it as a trigger-to-MIDI interface for performing and tracking with software drum modules such as BFD, Toontrack and Reason. Play along with the tracks in the DM10’s internal sequencer, mix in an iPod or other MP3 player and play along. The module’s 12 TRS inputs enable custom configurations with up to 24 different pads. Its top-panel mixer gives drummers easy access to creating custom mixes.

The DM10 Pro Kit has acoustic-feeling RealHead pads in 8" and 10" diameters. The dual-zone pads feature genuine mylar drumheads and triple-flanged counterhoops for authentic feel, while the snare and tom pads are dual zone, enabling players to perform rimshots, rim clicks, or assign gongs, cowbells, and other sounds on the tom hoops.

The DM10 Pro Kit comes with premium Surge Cymbals including a 12” hi-hat Cymbal, a 13” crash with choke and a 16” triple-zone ride with choke. The crash and ride cymbals boast choke strips on the undersides for even greater realism. The ride also features multiple-zone triggering on the bell, face and edge.

One of the kit’s sleeper features is the ErgoRack, a heavy-gauge rack system hefty enough to add on additional drum pads, Surge Cymbals, and even acoustic drums. They can even mount acoustic drums and percussion. Comfortable and convenient wing screws allow for for ease of adjustment — no drum key required. The drum pads mount on standard 10.5mm L-rods with low-slip, knurled mounting surfaces.

Available from musical instrument and professional audio retailers in the third quarter of 2009. Pro Kit has an MSRP of $1,799, and streets for $1,499.

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