Alesis DM6 Express Kit: High Value/Low Price

Alesis DM6 E-Kit: Pro Features At A Low Price

Big news for e-drum wannabes. You no longer need a spare few grand hanging around to buy your first electronic kit. Thank Alesis for that minor miracle, now that the company’s DM6 USB Express Kit has shipped to drum shops across the globe. This 4-piece set has everything you need to get started: a sturdy rack system, hi-hat and bass pedals, and natural-feeling rubber-surface drum and cymbal pads, including a dual-zone snare, two toms, an upright kick, hi-hat, and cymbal. The included DM6 module features an internal collection of 108 top-notch drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds in ten preconfigured kits, as well as a USB-MIDI computer connection that enables drummers to play with drum-module software such as BFD, Toontrack, or Reason for a limitless collection of sounds. Plus you can plug in your headphones and practice along to the DM6’s metronome or built-in sequencer with 40 preset music tracks. Now here’s the clincher: The whole dang deal carries a suggested retail price of $599. I mean, really – how the heck do they do it?

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