Alesis Unveils The DM10 X Electronic Kit

It’s beginning to feel as if Alesis introduces a cool new electronic drum kit every week or so. And the company lived up to its expectations at last weekend’s Summer NAMM in Nashville with the introduction of the DM10 X, a six-piece electronic drum set that features large RealHead drum pads, large DMPad cymbals, and an all-new chrome-plated Xrack with quick-release clamps that feature T-bolts, requiring no tools to adjust. The kit features a 12" snare, two 10" toms, two 12" floor toms, a 12" hi-hat, a 16" three-zone ride cymbal, and two 14" crashes. With the DM10 X Kit, Alesis unveils a new-look DM10 module, which contains more than 1,000 uncompressed, sample-based sounds that were produced using Alesis’ proprietary Dynamic Articulation technology. That’s a whole lot of technology for a suggested retail price of just $1,999.