All-N-1 Practice Pad from ProLogix

The Pad That Multi-Tasks

By Andrew Lentz Published November 3, 2009

With the Russ Miller All-N-1 Signature Practice Pad from Prologix, you no longer have an excuse for blowing off your rudiments.

Designed by Grammy-winning session great Russ Miller, who has performed with the likes of Nelly Furtado, Meredith Brooks, and other superstars, the All-N-1 features three distinct playing surfaces so you get a realistic snare drum experience all in a single pad.

The 13” Red Pad is surrounded by a replicated snare rim and provides excellent rebound. The softer, Blue Nylon Muffle Disc is designed for finger control and quiet late-night practice. Finally, the Fiberskyn 3 Brush Insert lets you focus on brush strokes.

You can further customize your practice needs with All-N-1 add-ons (all sold separately) including Russ Miller Brush Maps, a set of eight head maps that let you focus on brush patterns with removable textured surfaces. Or there's the Groove Wedge for importing additional feels and sonic color into your practice routine. The D-Lux Traveling Bag has room for the pad and other accessories such as iPod, books, and sticks. $139.99

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