It Feels Better: Alternate Mode’s nuBounce Pads

Alternate Mode Upgrades Kat Controllers With nuBounce Pads


Roland, Yamaha, and Alesis might be the first brands that come to mind when drummers talk about electronic percussion, but before any of those companies made much of a mark, a little multi-pad called the drumKAT set the drumming world on its ear in the late ’80s.

Plenty of things have changed since then, including the dissolution of the original company, but Alternate Mode has kept the family of Kat products alive, and the brand has achieved a cult-like status among select players who swear by its deep programming.

Now Alternate Mode has announced its latest upgrade – nuBounce pads, which offer the widest velocity range for the trapKAT and malletKAT in the company’s 25-year history. nuBounce pads are neither spongy nor over-bouncy, but they also don’t feel hard under sticks or mallets, so there's no fatigue after playing on them for extended periods.

The new generation pads also interact with FSR sensors in a very interesting way. Since the molecular makeup of the material is very dense, it transmits the slightest touch to the sensor with ease. But because of its density, the pads resist a bit under harder hits. The result is a wider dynamic range – good news for expressive drummers.

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