Alternate Mode’s TrapKAT XL

One Kool Kat

By Andrew Lentz Published September 4, 2009

Avoid those end-of-Labor Day blahs with one of the most versatile e-kits in the industry: TrapKAT XL from Alternate Mode.

The TrapKAT XL sports 24 playing surfaces with True FSR technology for the great sounds of an acoustic drum kit in a sleek and compact unit.

With 10 large flat pads, 14 surrounding raised edge or "rim" pads and individual kick and hi-hat footpedal inputs, the trapKAT offers a complete electronic percussion system with up to four sounds that can be triggered per pad either velocity switched, layered or alternated.

The TrapKAT XL also contains built-in percussive and melodic sample beats which can be completely controlled from the playing surface. Add a complete rhythm section of grooves for practicing or performing. The KAT's 40" x 17.5" x 2.75" dimensions mean storage is quick and easy.

The TrapKAT XL, normally $1,800, is being offered at an attractive back-to-school price of $1,600 till September 30.

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