Authentic Drum Sounds With FXPansion’s BFD2

More Realism In Your DAW

By Andrew Lentz Published October 13, 2009

BFD2, the leading Virtual Sound Technology (VST) from FXPansion, offers startling realism and superlative acoustic-calibur drum quality for your digital audio workstation.

With a palette of 10 drum kits created in London's legendary AIR Lyndhurst studios, BFD2's comprehensive mixing console lets you blend, route, submix and process the mic channels just you’re in the studio. Adjust bleed levels, alter ambient mic width, create aux sends and patch sidechain effects to shape your drums into nearly infinite variations.

Great-sounding presets let you concentrate on writing and playing instead of engineering. 5000+ Grooves ready to use in your projects. This is the most flexible and expansive sound smorgasbord to be had anywhere for such a reasonable price.

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