Audix & May Added To 40th Anniversary DW Kit

Especially astute members will remember that we reported on the grand unveiling of DW’s 6-piece 40th Anniversary drum kit from the NAMM showroom floor (you can see our video coverage by going here). The company will build only 100 of these beautiful drum sets, which feature Japanese Tamo Ash veneer and dignified pewter-plated hardware. And now, like the proverbial cherry on top, it has been announced that the kit’s 22" bass drum will come complete with an internal Audix D6 microphone – with its extended low frequency response – mounted using the new May Monorail mounting system, which provides precise positioning, from back to front, to manage the microphone’s proximity effect. The Monorail will even accommodate a second microphone, to pick up the resonant and batter heads at once. It’s a perfect marriage.