Austin Comnick’s Tremendous Trike Kit

Austin Comnick’s Tremendous Tricycle Drum Kit

Ever since we first saw the drum kit played by Kottonmouth Kings drummer Lou Dogg, we’ve wondered why anyone would be inspired to mount a drum set onto an adult-sized tricycle. Don’t get us wrong – it was definitely cool, but we just didn’t expect the idea to catch on.

Okay – we were proved wrong when we received these shots of Austin Comnick’s clear acrylic Crush drums and Zildjian cymbals setup mounted on a lowrider trike.

“I always think of ways to make live shows better whether it be props or lighting,” Comnick told us. “So I came up with the idea after seeing a lowrider trike and figured it would be one of the coolest kits to see on stage ever.”

The 4-piece setup features a 24" x 20" bass drum, 8" x 6" mounted tom, 16" x 14" floor tom, and a 13" Mapex piccolo snare. Comnick also chose an array of Zildjian ZBT cymbals, which include 14" hi-hats, 14" and 16" crashes, and an 18" ride. The cherry on the top is a DW double pedal and hi-hat stand. The bike is generic.

“It looks amazing in person,” Comnick says. It ain’t so bad in the photos either. Thanks for sending them Austin!

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