Add Bottom With KikBrik

Your Last Bass Drum Damper

Generator LLC announces the last run of KikBrik™ bass drum dampers. After two years off the market, a very limited number of KikBriks are available until they are gone. If you missed out on a KikBrik when they were sold through drum dealers, this is your last chance.

These are freshly hand-made, brand-new KikBriks, known for the way they make any kick drum sound better. Based on acoustical science, the KikBrik is a physical drumhead damper as well as an acoustic absorber of unwanted overtones (harmonic ringing). Uniquely shaped contact-point ends dampen one or both heads for the perfect sound.

• Consistently great kick drum sound, works well with all drumheads

• Easy to reposition for different sounds (Velcro included)

• Predictable results on nearly any kick with nearly any microphone

• No fiberglass or foam / uses safe "Green" core material (high-density recycled cotton)

Three standard sizes: 14", 16", &18" lengths (equal to bass drum head-to-head depth) are now available for a limited time on eBay (search "KikBrik"). For more information, visit their web site at

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