Ayotte Drumsticks @ 2013 Winter NAMM

It’s been an awfully long time since any Ayotte product has been offered at the NAMM Show. In the interim, the company moved to online sales, all but giving up its distribution into brick-and-mortar drum shops. But things seem to have changed, now that the company reappeared at the 2013 Winter NAMM. Still, they barely stuck their toes into the water by offering 13 stick models made of eastern sugar maple and hickory, though we suspect this is just the beginning of the next chapter in the history of the respected Canadian drum company.

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  • Hi Drum!

    Really like your mag and have always appreciated your coverage of drum gear.  There’s a drum company called Hudson Custom Drums that makes what seems like a truly innovative drum kit.  They use cables to hold the drum heads in place and adjust tension.  I would love to read a review of one of their kits to see what you think.

  • That’s harsh. I saw the kit they had there and it was one of the nicest kit on the floor!

    They also had a Keplinger.. although I don’t think they call it Keplinger anymore.

    There’s new ownership there at Ayotte and I’m pretty sure they’re going to do it right this time. They certainly made a big impression at the show.

  • Hey Jack,

    You’re right, and we’re wrong! Our videographer didn’t take any footage of the drums at the Ayotte booth, so we mistakenly assumed that the company was just displaying sticks. But harsh? Sorry — we had no intention of sounding harsh. In fact, were really excited to see that Ayotte back at the NAMM Show and wish them all the luck in the world.

  • I saw a bit of Ayotte and also know the people behind the company now. I expect good things.