Bass Drum F/X with Flotechnic’s Kicktronic

Bass Drum In A Box

By Andrew Lentz Published December 29, 2009

With the Kicktronic unit from Flotechnic, you can now get great bass drum sounds in a compact, convenient foot-activated package.

The Kicktronic (6.3" x 4.9" x 2") works just like a bass drum pedal. Employing an unbalanced signal with a max line output of +2 dBu, you can create backing rhythms, kick drum pattern, or basic bass line with the tap of your foot against this unit’s sensitive metal surface.

Weighing in at just over a pound, the Kicktronic deal for small ensemble settings or anywhere space constraints prohibit the use of an acoustic drum. The kicktronic works excellently in a variety of musical settings from jam bands to jazz trios and has lately been adopted by talents such as Mark Kirley, and Parisian handrummer François Collombón.

The best way to know what Kicktronic will sound like in your setup is to hear it through your own sound gear (amp, sound monitor or PA). To do this, you can connect an audio player (portable media player or computer) to your gear and play this Kicktronic WAV file: If possible, you can adjust the EQ to tailor the sound to your liking. You can even jam along for fun!

Kicktronic uses a ¼-inch (6.3mm) mono output connector. Required power source of four AA batteries not included.

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