Simmons Introduces New SD500 Electronic Kit

Full-Size Kit Hits The Market at $500

Simmons SD500

Simmons has had quite a year, with new drums, controllers, and multi-pads. Now, just in time for the holidays, the company is back with a new low-cost, full-size, go-anywhere kit aimed at the market for rehearsals, recording, schools, houses of worship, and small to mid-sized club gigs.

The SD500 kit features a 9-inch dual-zone snare pad, three 8-inch tom pads, and a kick drum with integrated pedal. The cymbal pads include a 10-inch hi-hat with pedal, a 12-inch ride, and a 10-inch crash with an ultra-real choke function. The kit is housed on a rugged, steel rack, with robust custom T-fittings, detachable stick rest, and skid-resistant rubber feet.

The heart of the system is the new SD500 drum module, which features a sleek new look with a 16-character backlit LCD screen and 64 voice polyphony. It comes loaded with 64MB of sounds, with 350 different sounds across 50 drum kits, and a 60-song internal memory.

Simmons SD500

The module also offers USB MIDI connectivity for easy tracking to DAW or sequencer software. An integrated 1/8-inch TRS input makes it easy to connect an MP3 player or other audio source for practicing to recorded tracks.

The SD500 kit features Simmons' exclusive V.A.R. Variable Attack Response technology, delivering the ultimate in playability and performance, with intelligent sample playback and unparalleled responsiveness to dynamics.

"Most electronic drum sets in this price range don't offer a complete, full-size kit, which compromises the playing experience," remarked Jim Norman, Simmons Product Manager. "The SD500 is the first and only electronic kit that delivers a true drumming experience, along with professional features and an incredible range of sounds, all for under $500."

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