Aquarian Launches A New Line Of Drumhead Accessories

Aquarianhas launched a new line of low-cost drumhead accessories that make repairing, modifying, or personalizing a drummer’s sound, quick and easy. These simple tools give drummers the control to adjust the attack, tone and resonance of a drum by changing the density and vibration of the drumhead. By focusing on the drumhead rather than the drum, Aquarian has made finding the desired drum sound a simple operation.

Drumkit Tools:

  • toneTab
  • duraDot
  • kickPatch
  • snareStrip

Both the toneTABs and the duraDOTs are drum tone modifiers. They are made of a 10mil plastic material with a reusable adhesive backing. Frequencies are adjusted when adding tone modifiers. Both the TAB and the DOT can be played on without interfering with the movement of the drumstick. Adjusting the "ring" or decay of the drum can easily be achieved in real time - even changed in the same song! Aquarian toneTABs and duraDOTs don't leave a sticky residue and can be used over and over again.

The kickPATCH is a strong, 12" permanent adhesive patch that can temporarily repair most small rips and tears in bass drumheads. Simply peel, and place the PATCH over the middle of the tear and press to secure. Ready in seconds, no removal of the batter head is necessary.

The snareSTRIP prevents snare head damage due to punctures from broken snare wires. Durable, and made from a proprietary woven material and backed with a permanent adhesive, the STRIPs are placed under the ends of the snare wires and protect and reinforce the bottom snare head where it is most vulnerable. Also included with the snareSTRIPS are the added value of two polyester "sure grip" replacement snareSTRAPs for secure snare wire tension.

According to Aquarian co-owner Roy Burns, "I only broke a bass drumhead on stage once in my life, but it was a terrifying experience. I thought my foot had broken! Not only that, I didn't have an extra drumhead with me. I played the rest of the set with no bass drum."

All four of the drumKit TOOLS will be shipping to Aquarian drumhead dealers June 1, 2015.