Meinl Benny Greb Sandride

Double Deutsch Treat

Our German friends at Meinl only had one new product at this summer's NAMM but it was a doozy: The Benny Greb 20” Signature Sandride.

The latest addition to the company’s Byzance line of cymbals, the Sandride was designed in cooperation with German virtuoso player Benny Greb, undergoing a year of rigorous R&D in the company’s lab in Gutenstetten.

The cymbal's sandblasted treatment gives it a stylishly distressed look up top, while the partially lathed bottom’s alternating bands are eye-catching from an audience vantage point. Greb’s cartoony self-portrait logo just off the bell is nifty, too.

Beaut that she is, what matters is sound. The Sandride offers the kind of clean, super-responsive articulation you would expect from a thinner, brilliant cymbal. The result is a light wash and rapid decay, perfect for intimate spaces, jazz ensembles, and pop environments.

Summing up this superior slab, Greb took the words right out of our mouth: “It has superhuman, modern abilities with that great vintage sound . . . unreal!” Priced like all 20" Byzances at $560.

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