inHead Electro-Acoustic Drumhead

Best Of Both Worlds: inHead Electro-Acoustic Drumhead

About a year and a half ago, while meandering the aisles of the 2011 Winter NAMM show, we saw something incredibly cool at the Aquarian booth: an acoustic drumhead that included an embedded triggering system. It was an idea drummers had dreamed of since the inception of triggering, but no company had dared to make. “These guys are going to kick some serious butt,” I thought to myself, or at least something along those lines.

Then months passed and the new heads still hadn’t appeared in stores. A little while later we got the word that Aquarian, working in tandem with co-developer Alternate Mode, was still ironing some bugs out of the innovative technology. The next NAMM show came and went, and we began to wonder if we had witnessed vaporware.

But lo and behold – just today we got the good news that the inHEAD electro-acoustic hybrid drumhead is finally dialed in, shipping to dealers, and by the sounds of it, well worth the wait. Now you can enjoy great sounding acoustic drums and the power and control that comes with the high-performance FSR triggering of electronic drum sound modules.

Every inHEAD connects to an Aquarian inBOX, which powers the inHEAD sensor and sends clean and accurate triggering signals to trigger most any electronic drum sound module or triggering device. There is also an auxiliary input on the inBOX to connect to the included rimSHOT rim for even more creative performance options.

The inHEAD Bundle Pack includes all of the above, plus the new kickZONE bass drum trigger and the inBOX quick-release mounting bracket. You can currently order the 14" Bundle Pack online for $175.

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