Gladstone Gold-Lacquered & Plated Snare

Billy Gladstone Gold-Lacquer/Gold-Plated “Charlie Corde” Snare Drum

Era: 1951
Dimensions: 14" x 6"
Number Of Lugs: 8

Charlie Cordes machined all the Gladstone hardware and assembled most of Billy Gladstone’s snare drums. There were approximately 50 Gladstone drums made — less than 30 are accounted for as of this printing. Of these 50 snare drums, the Charlie Cordes drum is the only 14" x 6" gold-lacquer/gold-plated drum. The most similar drum was Gladstone’s personal snare, which was a 14" x 7" gold-lacquer/gold-plated model. Noted Gladstone authority Chet Falzerano has stated that the nameplate on this drum has the most inscription of any Gladstone.