Booty Shakers Lift Your Sound Off The Floor

Booty Shakers Lift Your Sound Off The Floor

Booty Shakers

Booty Shakers are foam fittings that fit on to the feet of your floor tom, isolating the drum from the floor and unleashing dynamics and tone that were previously absorbed. In the right setting they increase sustain and smooth out the shape of your tom's tonal decay. We talked with Rich Wiley, one of the two founders of TNR Products, about how he got the idea for Booty Shakers--and Little Booty Shakers, which isolate the snare on a stand--and how the product has been developed.

Wiley For Booty Shakers the idea came back in '09 when my current business partner Toby (Toby is the “T” and I am the “R” in TnR Products) was having trouble with a floor tom in my studio. The drum sounded small and crappy, but when you picked it up by the rim and hit it the sound was huge. I am sure you have experienced this once or twice, just like most drummers.

Booty Shakers

We had heard of people using foam or cymbal felts and other things to disconnect the drum from the floor. I had some foam lying around so we tried it and it worked great. I then made some better prototypes and Toby gigged for about a year with them. I was trying to get out of the commercial music biz, and one day we thought 'Let's try and sell these.'

DRUM! How quickly did you perfect the design?

Wiley It took about 6-8 months to fine tune our design and find the best performing foam. You can read more about this at our site.

Toby was also gigging a lot with a late 1960's Ringo Ludwig kit and a mid 1960's Slingerland set. On both of those he would mount his rack tom on a snare stand. Again like most drummers you know its great for placement, better than old vintage hardware, and keeps hardware off your kick. The downside is that it often chokes the tom and sounds crappy. After they were out for a while, I started getting emails from drummers about how much they liked Booty Shakers on their snare too.

DRUM! So the design for a snare basket is similar to the Booty Shakers for the tom?

Booty Shakers

TNR Products founders Toby and Rich.

Wiley With the Little Booty Shakers we just applied the same principal that we used with the floor tom. De-couple the drum from the object of greater mass. It can be on a stand or the floor, but those things are absorbing the drum's resonant energy and therefore changing the way it sounds and performs.

The reaction has been great. The guys that encounter these problems are always blown away at how effectively Booty Shakers solves the problem. That is really the key to how people experience the products. If your drum sounds huge and killer, you don't need Booty Shakers. If you are having a problem they are a great solution.

We are growing dealers and distributors every day, as well as happy drummers. We have other products in the queue that we are really excited about. As soon as we can grow Booty Shakers enough to fund the R&D we will get them out. Some really cool stuff. [Ed. Note: Booty Shakers can be ordered from Musicians Friend.]

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