1 Of 10: Brian Smith’s Custom Birch Pork Pies

1 Of 10: Brian Smith's Custom Birch Pork Pies

This custom drum kit is one of only ten Pork Pie birch kits ever produced. The au naturale set was nabbed by drummer Brian Smith off Craigslist at a cool $800. When he received the kit, he noticed the letter "B" on each drum. He gave Pork Pie a call and after a bit of research, found out that this was a collector's item.

"I primarily use the kit for live performances with my band and some recording here and there," Smith explained. "After finding out the rareness of the drums, I may take a little more caution in using them as much and break out the other pies. I've been playing Pork Pie since 2003 and I have a feeling as long as we are both around, I'll still be playing Pork Pie drums!"

10" x 8" rack tom
14" x 12" hanging floor tom
22" x 18" kick drum
13" x 6" snare drum

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