Butch Vig Talks Sennheiser Bock 507

The Mike Vig Digs

By Andrew Lentz Published November 3, 2009

It's a fact. Butch Vig — the drummer for multi-platinum alterna-rockers Garbage and the producer who did an amazing job of capturing

Dave Grohl's drums on Nirvana’s grunge-defining album Nevermind — knows his drum mikes.

In fact, it was Vig’s recent work with Garbage singer Shirley Manson and punk rockers Against Me! That Vig discovered the versatility and quality of the Sennheiser Bock 507, an elliptical-capsule recording microphone that does an amazing job catching vocals but also honestly conveys the punch of the drum kits. In fact many of the drum room sounds on Against Me!’s recent White Crosses were also recorded with the Bock 507.

"The Bock 507 easily rivals the ELAM and Brauner," concluded Vig. "Of course, you choose a mic to create a certain vibe within the larger context of a recording, and the ELAM and Brauner are certainly going to remain on the front line. But the Bock has given me another option for a go-to vocal mic. David Bock has made an incredible sounding microphone. The only question now is... should I buy a second one? It did so well on individual instruments that I'd love to hear a piano with a pair of 507s... or a stereo pair for room mics on drums. That would be amazing!"

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