Cannon’s RA616M Boom Arm/Clamp

Time To Branch Out

By Andrew Lentz Published July 11, 2009

Sometimes it’s the small-ticket items that give drummers the creativity to accessorize their kits without shelling out a lot of coin. Enter the Cannon RA616M Boom Arm & Clamp available at Universal Percussion.

Combining a simple straight cymbal arm with a secure and adjustable multi-clamp, the RA616M lets you mount a splash or small crash off of an existing drum or cymbal stand, eliminating the need for a second complete stand. The clamp is made of high-quality alloy and precision machined for excellent fitment.

The boom also permits cymbal placement above rack and floor toms, where a stand would be impossible to position or, at the least, create an awkward arrangement or overly large footprint. Experience freedom for only $65.

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