Carmichael Drum Throne Gives Your Butt A Break

Carmichael Drum Throne

We’ve seen an explosion of new drum throne designs over the past decade. Some were practical, others whimsical, but all have been more than welcome in a market that had long been bereft of new ideas. The Carmichael Throne Company is the latest contender to stake a claim, with a flagship model that offers some intriguing ergonomic benefits.

Carmichael’s seat design creates a floating spine, which greatly reduces spinal compression and allows drummers to rehearse, gig, or record for much longer periods of time and with far less fatigue.

Okay, can we talk? It’s no secret that the combination of sweat and pressure on the bottom of the spine can lead to such problems as hemorrhoids and poor circulation to the legs and feet. But Carmichael’s unique channel design addresses both concerns, plus reduces spinal disk compression and provides relief from coccyx fracture and inflamed prostate while encouraging good sitting posture.