Classic: Leedy Broadway Dual Model

Era: 1930s
Finish: Green Pearl with Nobby Gold hardware
Dimensions: 14" x 5"
Number of lugs: 8

The Broadway Dual model was Leedy’s version of the Ludwig & Ludwig Super-Sensitive, which means that both drums had a parallel mechanism that positioned the wires all the way across the bottom head and a second mechanism under the top head. The Broadway Dual’s external levers and linkage are different than those found on the Super-Sensitive, but the internal top mechanism is identical on both models. These similarities aren’t just coincidental. C. G. Conn acquired Ludwig & Ludwig and Leedy at the beginning of the Great Depression and was forced to manufacture both brands in one facility, so it’s possible that the Leedy Broadway Dual and Ludwig & Ludwig Super-Sensitive models were built in the same room. The pictured Broadway Dual model has a solid mahogany shell and a first-generation Dual mechanism that pulls out and away from the shell as compared to the later second- and third-generation Dual mechanisms that were released by moving the levers side to side from the shell. The lugs are the updated (circa 1931) “X” box lugs with swivels, and the gold/wood grommet pre-dates the second- and third-generation Duals, which were outfitted with Leedy badges. There are far fewer Leedy Broadway Dual models around than the L&L Super-Sensitive models of the same era. And by adding the Green Pearl finish, engraved top and bottom hoops, and Nobby Gold hardware (Leedy’s version of L&L’s Artgold), this month’s drum becomes even more collectible.