Ludwig & Ludwig Stipelsilver Standard

Ludwig & Ludwig Stipelsilver Standard Snare Drum

ERA 1926—’27
FINISH Stipelsilver

This Stipelsilver snare drum wasn’t a catalog item, since Stipelgold — a textured finish — was the only official stipel finish offered by Ludwig & Ludwig in the company’s 1926 L&L catalog. Each drum came with a special Stipelgold badge, however, the badge on this Stipelsilver drum is the standard brass oval badge fitted on all L&L Professional model wood snare drums during this era. Both the inside and outside of the brass oval badge is intact, and the factory (or after market) heater/lightbulb fixture is expertly installed. Six semi-precious stones (also not a standard catalog item) are evenly affixed to the surface without penetrating the shell above and below the badge. My guess is that this drum is a factory one-off special order — or a really good fake. I got enough provenance from the previous owner and the broker (Steve Maxwell) to justify buying this drum, which was found with a matching bass drum at a Milwaukee music store in the mid-’80s. It arrived with a few incorrect collar hooks, and the strainer was a later model P338 that didn’t have “patent pending” stamped on the arm. So I installed the correct collar hooks and replaced the strainer with a near-mint P338 from the same era. Otherwise, this drum required very little cleaning.

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