Classy New Finishes Dress Up Several Tama Lines

Classy New Finishes In Several Tama Lines

By Andy Doerschuk Published February 9, 2011

While the big buzz at Tama’s NAMM booth circulated around the new Silverstar line, the company also lifted the veil on some scrumptious new finishes in a couple popular series. You’ll want to take a close look at the beautiful figuring of the new Cultured Grain-Indigo Burl Burst being offered on Tama’s beloved Performer B/B kit (pictured above), which remains the only bubinga/birch hybrid shell on the market. And you should keep checking your local drum shop for the new Volcanic Red Burst in the Starclassic Bubinga line and the Molten Satin Brown Burst in the Starclassic Maple line (pictured below). Both employ a new finishing process that creates flowing, almost iridescent organic patterns of color. Because each shell is individually treated and finished, so no two are exactly alike.

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