Coady Clutch Improves Drop Clutch Action

Coady Clutch Improves Drop Clutch Action

By Andy Doerschuk Published February 2, 2011

The designers at Billdidit have spent a lot of time thinking about hi-hat drop clutches – apparently longer than any other human beings ever have. This might explain why this fresh-faced young company has introduced a trio of products all designed to improve the form and function of this oft-ignored widget.

Unlike more traditional drop clutches that rely on spring-loaded latches, the Coady Clutch (pictured at the left) employs magnets and a swivel joint for a feel that’s smooth as buttah. Plus it gives you a slightly larger target than standard models, to minimize the possibility of onstage misfires.

Mate this innovation with the Coady Trip Arm (which allows the top cymbal to fall automatically, simply by stepping off the hi-hat pedal) and the Coady Wash Control (an extensible spring that allows you to dial-in the degree of cymbal wash after the top hat drops) and you’ll wonder how your left foot survived without them.

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