Vinnie Colaiuta Helps Design New Paiste 602s

Coliauta Helps To Design New Paiste 602s

Paiste 602

It was pretty monumental news last April when Vinnie Colaiuta decided to revamp his endorsements, which included a big move to Paiste cymbals. Considering his past record of hands-on involvement with cymbal development, it was only a matter of time before Colaiuta put his mark on some new Paistes.

Well, that didn’t take very long! Today the company announced the launch of a trio of new Formula 602 models that reflect Colaiuta’s concepts.

Included is a set of 15" Medium hi-hats that, like the existing 14" size, are soft in feel and finesse but possess a slightly richer low-end tone. Next up is a 24" Medium Ride, which sings with a wide array of deep, complex frequencies, has more overall volume, and is distinctly crashable. And while on the subject of crashes, a new 22" model completes the trifecta with additional accent power that enables a drummer to achieve the characteristic Formula 602 sound on bigger stages and medium-loud volume settings.

If you think this is the last we hear of Colaiuta’s cymbal experiments, well, we suggest you think again.

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