Comfort and Color: JVC Marshmallow Ear Buds

Going Soft

By Andrew Lentz Published September 28, 2009

The HA-FX34 Marshamallow from JVC are practice-worthy ear buds for drummers.

The iPod-compatible Marshmallow is designed for comfort, featuring super-soft inner-earpieces in two sizes for a snug fit that also reduces background noise. You’ll scarcely know they’re there, so you can focus on the music when you’re rocking out.

The Marshmallow headphones include a tangle-resistant 3.28-foot (1.0 m) color matching cord, designed to minimize friction-noise that can occur when the color matching cord is brushed against clothing.

Wide selection body and cord variations in 9 colors. Includes a gold-plated iPhone compatible plug. More color coordination for iPod nano and shuffle 4th generation models.

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