Remo Control Sound X Heads: Midrange To Spare

Control Sound X Delivers Midrange To Spare

By Andy Doerschuk Published April 20, 2011

What can a drumhead company do when they already manufacture a head that sells well and sounds great? Easy – make an even better head! That’s exactly the thought process behind Remo’s new Controlled Sound X head, which builds upon the success of the company’s Controlled Sound series. Available in 10", 12", 13", and 14" sizes, the Controlled Sound X is constructed of a coated 12-mil film with a 5-mil reverse dot. Featuring 20 percent more durability and tone control, the head delivers more controlled midrange tones, which is ideal for higher frequency snare drums. Best for studio? Live? How about both! Or either! Prices range from $26.25 for a 10" to $32.50 for a 14".

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