Cool Claws: Bass Drum Accessory With Attitude

Cool Claws: Bass Drum Accessory Has Attitude To Spare

Cool Claws

It’s hard to reinvent the wheel, and the same thing could be said for bass drum claws. But that didn’t stop the folks at MacEachern Drum Company from devising a new twist on this often overlooked widget. The company’s Cool Claws stand out with boldly sculpted chrome-plated claw-end designs, like the pictured Knuckles model, which grips your bass drum hoop with beefy metallic hands. Other options feature stars, cobwebs, pentagrams, crosses, and even dollar signs. Side-mounted Cool Claws ($99.95 for a set of ten) include tension rods and an extra long drum key, while the Knuckles design ($19.95 per pair) retrofits to standard bass drum hardware.

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