Crescendo Drummer Earplugs: No Compromise

Crescendo Drummer Earplugs: No Compromise


Drums are loud. Cymbals can be even louder. It’s easy when you’re young to think that of that ringing in your ear as a badge of honor after a screaming practice session. Take it from me – 20 years later, it’s a permanent disability. So if you want to save your ears, you need to find a form of protection that suits your needs. Right away.

That’s why the folks at Crescendo Hearing Protection designed a set of earplugs designed especially for the needs of drummers.

What’s the difference? Normal music earplugs provide too much attenuation, especially at higher frequencies, which is due to cheap materials and poor design. This imbalanced sound attenuation muffles speech and makes the music sound unnatural reducing your aural experience.

Crescendo Drummer Plugs provide a tuned, flat attenuation response, so all frequencies are reduced by almost the same level. Rather than losing the richness of the original sound, it's just brought down to a safe level.

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