Crush Fiberglass Drums: Here’s The Beef

Crush Fiberglass Drums: Here’s The Beef

Today’s trivia question: Which drum company introduced the most new drum lines at the 2011 NAMM Show? Answer: Crush Drums & Percussion.

Sure, somebody had to win that distinction, but the astonishing thing was that this year was Crush’s NAMM debut. Unlike other drum company newbies who display just one prototype kit, Crush’s booth boasted multiple drum set launches, including this striking setup, which features 100 percent fiberglass shells. These are fitted with the company’s double-post tube lugs, 4-point X-Suspension tom mounts, mating memory locks, 2.3mm tom and reverse snare hoops, and the beefy Crush Chevron throw-off.

We checked out a White Fiberglass configuration at the show, which shimmered with a pearly opulence and revealed color continuity with its matching fiberglass bass drum hoops. (Crush Fiberglass drums are also available in Black.) We got the opportunity to hear these drums, which emitted a deep, round tone that challenged the common assumption that fiberglass is bright and high-pitched. Very nice.

The kit setup includes a 22" x 20" bass drum, 14" x 8" snare, 12" x 8" mounted tom, and 16" x 15" floor tom, with 13" x 7" and 14" x 8" snare drums available as add-ons. Thanks to the fiberglass construction, the kit is lightweight and resistant to heat and corrosion.

Seriously. This is a company to watch.

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