Cymbag Introduces New Pre-Pack

Cymbags exploded onto the U.S. market with a product unlike any other. These microfiber sleeves are designed to slip onto individual cymbals, even while they’re still mounted on stands. This allows your precious bronze to be transferred into or from cymbal bags or cases without marring the surface with fingerprints or dirt. Admittedly, the concept may have seemed a bit fussy to some drummers, but others recognized it as a sure way to avoid the honest-to-God drudgery of cymbal polishing.

Even more good news: The idea gained enough traction for the folks at Cymbag to now introduce the Drumset Pre-Pack, which includes one 20", one 16", and two 14" Cymbags in a reusable, recyclable cloth carrying case. Sweetening the pot, the $90 value is available at a discounted $69.99 retail price. So it’s a win-win for anybody who wants to get started with or add onto an existing Cymbag selection.

We like win-win.