Cymgards: A Multi-Purpose Cymbal Solution

Cymgards: A Multi-Purpose Cymbal Solution

I’ll never forget when Elisa Welch Mulvaney, my very first managing editor at Drums & Drumming Magazine, schooled me on the use of the word “unique” back in the late ’80s.

“Nothing can be a little unique,” she said. “There aren’t degrees of uniqueness. Either something is unique or it isn’t.”

Needless to say, I’ve made judicious use of the word since then, but think I’ll finally take the plunge when it comes to describing the new Cymgard – a protective strip of material that encircles the edge of a cymbal while providing more than one solution.

The Cymgard will protect mounted, bagged, and freestanding cymbals from damage in the event of impact, and cushions cymbals when shipped, stored, or transported. It also dampens cymbal volume, allowing you to practice quietly without having to whip out the duct tape.

Cymgards come in three styles – Standards, Lites, and Hi-Hat Standards, and are available in most popular sizes, including the now popular 21".

You may have noticed I still haven’t used “the” word. Okay – Cymgards are unique!

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