Cympad Helps Optimize Cymbal Sound

Cympad Helps Optimize Cymbal Sound

Tired of deafening cymbals? The Cympad is an innovative product intended to reduce the sound level of your cymbals and give you greater control over your sound, whether live or in the studio. It’s already a hit in Europe and is now making its way to the states.

The Cympad is a ring of cellular foam and replaces the lower cymbalfelt on the Cymbalboom. Compared to the classic felt, the Cympad has a larger diameter, which enables it to reduce the cymbal's oscillation and as such lowers the sound level without affecting the sound quality. The ring is 15mm thick and is available in 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90mm diameters.

This range allows the drummer to adapt his cymbals to any venue. Especially useful in small venues with a high level of sound reflection, the company says tests have shown that using Cympads of 80 and 90mm diameters will reduce the cymbal’s sound level by 20 to 25%.

According to Mike Schuck of Cympad, the product will extend cymbal life and reduce breakage, in addition to optimizing cymbal sound in a range of situations.

The Cympad is available in sets of two or in a complete set of two each in every size.

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