Dan Marmon’s Drums Of Doom

Dan Marmon's Drums Of Doom

By Kerim Mac Published November 2, 2009

Dan Marmon of San Diego plays with a hard-rock 3-piece band called American Maniacs. Here's what Dan has to say about his drums. "My kit is a PDP Birch CX series (the early ones) with white pearl wrap. I've got a 22" x 18" bass drum with Remo Powerstroke 3 heads; the mounted toms are 10", 12", 14" and the floor tom is 16" x 16" all with Evans hydraulic heads. My snare is a 14" x 5.5" Pork Pie Pig Lite acrylic with Remo controlled sound heads (CS). It's not a firecracker—more like an M-80. My resonant heads are all stock except for the kick which is a Remo black ported.

"The cymbals include a Zildjian 22" ping ride, a 16" Z Custom crash, 18" ZHT china, 14" hats with an Amir II bottom on the top and a ZBT top on the bottom. They're funky but with great slosh.

I also have an 18" Paiste Germanic crash/ride (vintage), an LP cowbell, and a nautical bell with a killer ping.

"I kick with a Pearl Powershifter two-legged hi-hats and all bolted to a Gibraltaer super rack. It's a super stable and repeatable setup. Let's not forget the Pork Pie throne and Vater Fatback 3As. It's a great sounding kit tuned low. My bandmates call the 'Drums of Doom'."

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