Danny Young’s Queen Tour Kit

Danny Young's Queen Tour Kit

danny young

After Danny got the call to tour on Queen's We Will Rock You tour, he knew he was going to need a BIG kit, so he called up his friends over at TreeHouse Drums. After researching Roger Taylor's kits, they put together a killer set of drums for the tour.

danny young

Drums: TreeHouse Custom Drums
9" x 10" mounted tom
10" x 12" mounted tom
11" x 13" mounted tom
16" x 16" floor tom
16" x 18" floor tom
18" x 24" bass drum
7" x 14" snare drum

These big sizes help to mimic Roger Taylor's signature sound he created with Queen both on their albums and live.

Cymbals: Soultone Cymbals
15" Custom Hi Hats
17", 18" and 19" Gospel Crashes
22" Custom Prototype Ride
20" Extreme China

danny young danny young

6-ply North American Plied Maple toms and snare
8-Ply North American Plied Maple bass drum
TreeHouse Custom 6061 Solid Aluminum Lugs
Black Sparkle Wrap

Heads: Remo
Snare - Coated Emperor X
Toms - Clear Emperors
Kick - Clear Powerstroke 3
Resonant - Clear Ambassadors

Hardware: DW
5000 Series Double Kick Pedal

You can find out more about Danny on his website www.dannyplaysdrums.com or on his seminar page www.beyondthegig.com.

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