Danny Young's Queen Tour Kit

danny young

After Danny got the call to tour on Queen's We Will Rock You tour, he knew he was going to need a BIG kit, so he called up his friends over at TreeHouse Drums. After researching Roger Taylor's kits, they put together a killer set of drums for the tour.

danny young

Drums: TreeHouse Custom Drums
9" x 10" mounted tom
10" x 12" mounted tom
11" x 13" mounted tom
16" x 16" floor tom
16" x 18" floor tom
18" x 24" bass drum
7" x 14" snare drum

These big sizes help to mimic Roger Taylor's signature sound he created with Queen both on their albums and live.

Cymbals: Soultone Cymbals
15" Custom Hi Hats
17", 18" and 19" Gospel Crashes
22" Custom Prototype Ride
20" Extreme China

danny young danny young

6-ply North American Plied Maple toms and snare
8-Ply North American Plied Maple bass drum
TreeHouse Custom 6061 Solid Aluminum Lugs
Black Sparkle Wrap

Heads: Remo
Snare - Coated Emperor X
Toms - Clear Emperors
Kick - Clear Powerstroke 3
Resonant - Clear Ambassadors

Hardware: DW
5000 Series Double Kick Pedal

You can find out more about Danny on his website www.dannyplaysdrums.com or on his seminar page www.beyondthegig.com.