Ddrum Brings Back The Reflex Pocket Kit

Ddrum Brings Back The Reflex Pocket Kit

Full disclosure, right up front – I’m a diehard fan of one up/two down drum sets, for more than one reason. Above all, I like to set my ride cymbal really low at the very position where a second mounted tom would normally go, and yet still enjoy voicing fills between three toms. Plus – let’s face it – a kit with two floor toms looks really cool in an old-school Buddy Rich/Mitch Mitchell kinda way.

So it’s welcome news to learn that Ddrum reintroduced its Reflex Pocket kit, an all-alder-shell setup that features an ultra punchy 20" x 18 bass drum fitted with Ddrum’s Resolifts for a huge sound, a 12" x 8" rack tom mounted with the company’s chrome Fixpitch suspension mounts, 14" x 14" and 16" x 14" floor toms, and an ultra crisp and cutting 13" x 7" matching alder snare drum.

The kit is finished in Satin Black Lacquer highlighted by vintage nickel hardware, including Ddrum’s innovative Faceoff lugs (click here to see our Reflex review for more details). All drums come with 2.3mm steel hoops except for the bass drum, which features matching hoops.

And the price? Just $1,260 retail. Do the math. That’s a steal.

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