Derek Roddy Extreme Metal DVD from Hudson

A Blast From The Present

By Andrew Lentz Published October 24, 2009

Any blast-beat guy who ever felt left out by the dearth of extreme-metal instructional DVDs, Derek Roddy feels your pain.

“I made this DVD because the development of extreme drumming has never been fully documented or, given its popularity and influence, received the attention and respect it deserves,” said Roddy, best known for his devastatingly brutal work in Nile, Hate Eternal, Malevolent Creation, and Vital remains. “I wanted to validate this style of drumming—and the drummers who play it—by creating an educational reference that would lead to a better understanding of blast beats.”

Produced and directed by Roddy and R. Scott Johnson and published by Hudson Music, Blast Beats Evolved picks up where Roddy’s landmark The Evolution Of Blast Beats book from 2007 left off, exploring the development and mechanics of modern extreme drumming. The DVD features examples and exercises for standard blasts, skank beats, bomb blasts, hammer blasts and freehand Blasts, plus a comprehensive conditioning program for hands and feet, balance and endurance, and also includes five solo jams and performances of seven Serpents Rise songs—complete with minus-drums play-along tracks.

Blast Beats Evolved is recommended for drummers who want to gain the mental discipline and technical facility required to master this demanding yet relevant drumming style. In addition, the instructional material on the DVD can be used in conjunction with Roddy’s award-winning book/audio pack, The Evolution Of Blast Beats (Hudson Limited), and can be applied in a variety of progressive drumming situations.

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