Dirk Verbeuren’s Studio Soilwork Drum Kit

Dirk Verbeuren’s Studio Soilwork Drum Kit

Melodic metal maestros Soilwork are currently in the studio with producer Jens Bogren (Opeth, Amon Amarth, Bloodbath) recording The Living Infinite, the Swedish band’s follow-up to the 2010 release The Panic Broadcast.

We were fortunate to get an exclusive sneak peek at the cool drum kit Dirk Verbeuren is playing in the studio while creating this epic double album release. Look closely and you can even see how Bogren placed microphones around Verbeuren’s kit.

Here’s how his studio setup looks:

Drums: Tama Starclassic Maple
22" x 18" bass drum
12" x 10" and 13" x 11" mounted toms
16" x 16" and 18" x 16" floor toms
SLP Vintage Steel 14" x 5.5" snare drum

Hardware: Tama
Speed Cobra double pedal
Speed Cobra hi-hat stands
Power Tower rack
Various Tama stands
Ergo-Rider throne with backrest

Cymbals: Meinl
Mb20 17", 18", and 20” Heavy Crash
Mb20 22" Heavy Bell Ride
Mb20 18" Rock China
Mb20 10" and 12" Rock Splash
Mb20 14" Heavy Soundwave Hi-Hat
Byzance 13" Dark Spectrum Hi-Hat
Classics 8" Low Bell
Generation X 14" Filter China

Heads: Evans
Batter: G2 (snare, 12" tom-tom), Black Chrome (other toms), GMad (bass drum)
Resonant: Hazy 300 (snare), G1 clear (toms), EQ3 (kick)

Dirk Verbeuren also uses Tama signature Dirk Verbeuren sticks, dB drum shoes, and Meinl Drum Gear gloves.

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