A Custom Painted Vintage Ludwig Masterpiece

Don Nummi’s Custom Painted Vintage Ludwig Masterpiece

Raymond Weber

Don V. Nummi’s vintage Ludwig set ranges from a 14" x 16" tom from 1926 to a 1949 snare and a 1960s 16" x 16" bass drum. Don who is a custom painter, airbrushed the set in what he calls a “dryland” sailor scheme.

Each drum has a unique and elaborate design. The snare drum features a Japanese World War II Zero fighter found in Truk Lagoon. The small tom features an image of an albatross; and the bass has an ocean scene with an albatross and a great white shark. The small floor tom is pained with Nummi’s Who tribute featuring the ship HMS Moon. And, the big floor tom features “Old Ironsides,” the USS Constitution which is the world’s oldest commissioned ship (1797). Both the bass and large floor tom have 100th anniversary tribute Ludwig badges (1909-2009). Best of all, Nummi still plays this kit regularly.

Raymond Weber

Thanks for sharing, Don.

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