Anywhere, Any Time With The Wavedrum Mini

Drum Anywhere, Any Time With The Wavedrum Mini


This is cool. After reintroducing the groundbreaking Wavedrum a couple years ago, Korg has announced the birth of the Wavedrum Mini – a completely self-contained instrument with a playable pad, speaker, sounds, effects, patterns, and a loop recorder, as well as a Sensor Clip to transform any object into a second sound source.

It offers 100 professionally programmed and ready-to-play sounds, which can be easily triggered from Wavedrum Mini’s pad. Simultaneously trigger additional sounds by attaching the Sensor Clip to a tabletop, cup, or … you name it, transforming the object into a percussion instrument. Sounds can be further shaped by applying any of the ten high-quality multi-effects – from reverb to distortion.

Need a metronome as a practice tool or a steady groove to solo over? Simply access any of the 100 internal rhythmic patterns that cover a range of styles or create your own using the Looper function, which will record and play back any Wavedrum Mini performance. An unlimited number of overdubs can be added, creating complex, multi-sound patterns (total record length is 25 seconds).

Thanks to its internal battery pack (an AC adapater is also included) and a strap allowing the instrument to be secured to your leg, you can jam on the Wavedrum Mini literally anywhere. Attach the sensor clip to your shoe, and you can tap your foot for one sound while triggering another with your hands. And you get all these cool functions for a suggested retail price of $430.

See. We told you this was cool.

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