Drum Doctor: Top 5 Tools Of His Trade

Drum Doctor: Top 5 Tools Of His Trade

For nearly 30 years, Ross Garfield, aka “The Drum Doctor,” has fine-tuned the business of drum rentals, cartage, and consulting into high art. Presiding over his So-Cal warehouse — a filled-to-the-brim, treasure-trove of new and vintage drums and percussion — the drummer-turned-tech has supplied some of the best drum sounds on record for a who’s who of clientele.

Garfield’s voodoo is helping drummers find their unique “voice” and specific sound for any project. “It’s not only having the right combination of drums,” he insists, “but also using the right heads and tuning them to get the right sound. With this huge collection, I have all the tools at my disposal.”

The Drum Doctor has lent his mojo to a host of sessions for long-time clients (and friends), ranging from Jim Keltner, Josh Freese, and the late Jeff Porcaro, to the members of Metallica, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Nirvana — to name a mere few. In addition, he has assembled era-correct sets for soundtrack recordings on period films such as Chicago, Leatherheads (both 1920s), and That Thing You Do (1960s).

Here are a few of his favorite, and legendary, drums.

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