Drum Doctor: Top 5 Tools Of His Trade

2. 1970 14" x 6.5" Black Beauty, aka “The One”

Jeff Porcaro used this drum quite a bit. He used to have me bring a few of my snares every time we’d do a session. It got to a point where, whenever he called, he’d say, ‘Yo, I got a session coming up … bring me The One. You know, ‘The One.’ So we stated calling it “The One.” There’s a piece of tape on the drum that we marked “Number One” to distinguish it from my other Black Beauties, and so it would be easier to find when Jeff called for it. The tape is faded but it’s still there.

This drum was used on the Jet record Get Born, Frank Sinatra’s Duets, and on Maroon 5’s It Won’t Be Soon Before Long.

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