Drum Doctor: Top 5 Tools Of His Trade

5. Late 1920s Leedy Black Diamond Pearl kit (with Calfskin heads and modern hardware)

I bought this kit from a collector who ‘needed’ to sell it about 13 years ago, and have used it quite a bit on movies, including Leatherheads and Chicago. In both cases, the scoring director wasn’t happy with the sound of the drums that the drummer brought in, and that’s when I got the call. They asked me if I had drums that sounded like they were made in the 1920s, so I brought them this kit, which was made in the early 1920s … I like to use the older calfskin heads as they have more of an era-correct sound to them — and more personality. I keep a safe full of these heads that I’ve pulled off older drums. The safe is humid and keeps them moist so they’ll last.

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