DRUM! Wishbook: Holiday Wish #21, from DW

DW’s All-New Ultra Heavy-Duty Hardware and Pedals are Standard Equipment for the Heaviest Hitters.

For Heavy Rock and Metal drummers, DW offers up the all-new 8000 Series, the largest-gauge steel tubing, tube joint, memory locks and tri-pod bases offered on any DW stand. The line includes a beefy 8799 double tom/triple cymbal stand, sturdy 8300 snare stand, 8100 & 8120 thrones and 8500 & 8500B hi-hat stands. 8000 pedals are also available in both traditional and power footboard models. See the full line 0f 8000 pedals and hardware at your local DW dealer or online at

If you play heavy music, you need Ultra Heavy-Duty 8000 pedals and hardware.

The Revolutionary Super Solid Could Be the Finest Solid Shell Drum Ever Made

After years of tireless research and development, DW has raised the bar for Solid Shell snare drums. The high-tech Super Solid utilizes a proprietary molecular compression process that produces an extremely dense shell. After it’s bent, a precision machining process ensures a perfectly true shell and bearing edge. The reinforcement hoops are even integrated in to the shell, creating a never-before-seen one-piece solid. Available in any DW Custom Shop finish or drum hardware color. See your authorized DW dealer or for more

Get the ultimate solid shell snare for the Holidays, Get the DW Collector’s Series Super Solid.

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