DRUM! Wishbook: Evans

Holiday Wish #2 From Evans

Your Three Wishes are Granted!

Evans EC2 with SST Tom Heads:

The new and improved Evan s EC2 Tom He ads fe ature SST™ (Sound Shaping Techno logy™), a new damping technique thatin sures optimized performance for each individually sized drumhead. SST provides the ability to control the ring thickness and density in addition to its width. Controlling placement and mass of the ring allows Evans to finally target select frequencies for removal in order to fully optimize the attack, tone, length of sustain, and ease of tuning for each size head – delivering a more balanced and pre-EQ’d sound across the full kit. MSRP: $26.00 - $50.00.

HQ Percussion EcoPad Practice Pads:

The EcoPad from HQ Percussion is the first environmentally friendly practice pad. With rubber made from re cycled tires an d a base made from residual wood waste materials, the EcoPad provides a great feeling practice surface without killing more trees. The series is comprised of 3 models: a 6" 2-sided mountable pad, a 12" 2-sided pad where the reverse side utilizes a harder recycled rubber surface for increased articulation and a tougher workout, and a 9" pad with an adjustable snare sound simulator on the back side. MSRP: $34.99 - 84.99.

Evans Onyx™ Tom Heads:

The Onyx Tom Heads from Evans are designed with two plies of 7.5 mil film that will deliver enhanced durability while making the drums cut live. A micro-clear coating gives the Onyx heads a matte black appearance and produces more low-end and a punchier attack. The Onyx heads are pitch black and rock solid. MSRP: $28.00 – $60.00

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