DRUM! Wishbook: LP Drums

Holiday Wish #4 From LP

Cut Through The Noise!

The LP Micro Snare (LP846-SN)

is a 6" shell with a crisp snare effect that cuts when you need it to. Add it on to your drum set. Easily mounts and is drumkey tunable.

Pure Soul!

The LP Soul Cajon by Mario Cort├ęs (LP1430)

measures 11 3/4" X 11 3/4" X 19" and features a hexagonal rear panel for focused enhanced bass sound. It has a simple adjustable inner tuning system comprised of four strings. The front striking panel is made from top-quality Finnish Birch.

LP Aspire Vintage Sunburst Conga Set

We combined our Aspire Wood Congas as sets with stands for big savings. Aspire Congas feature Siam oak shells, natural rawhide heads, vintage sunburst finish and EZ Curve rims.

LPA646-** 10" Quinto and 11" Conga set with Double Stand
LP647-** 11" Conga and 12" Tumba set with Double Stand
LPA646B-** 10" Quinto and 11" Conga set with Basket Stands
LP647B-** 11" Conga and 12" Tumba set with Basket Stands

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