DRUM! Wishbook: Holiday Wish #24, from Pintech

Make Holiday Dreams Come True. Give The Gift Of Pintech!

Pintech – For a lifetime of drumming durability, dependability, upgrade options, friendly customer service and technical support – All at a price that can't be beat! Made in the U.S.A. Purchasing Pintech keeps Americans employed!

Pintech offers virtually limitless options and possibilities for drummers of all levels. The E-Gig is a perfect starter kit for practice at home without disturbing family or neighbors. Featuring ConcertCast® drums with SilenTech® mesh heads and TC® series cymbals, the E-Gig is also rugged and versatile enough to take out on gigs.

Take to the extreme! Pintechs’ 8-Piece Custom Metal Edition Double Bass Electronic Drum Set is an electronic monster, sure to make every metal drummer drool. These limited edition kits feature: Tama Shells, RockenWraps, Pintech Triggers And Mesh Heads, 9 VisuLite Cymbals plus the NEW VisuLite Hi-Hats with internally mounted controller and drop clutch. Truly a big boyz toy loaded with all the extras.

Pintech drums feature mesh for that acoustic drum feel and our Retro-Upgrade Program allows you to upgrade ensuring your Pintech gear is never obsolete. Pintech also offers a full line of economical accessory triggers. Compare our specs, quality and price to the competition and you'll choose Pintech. has a full online shopping cart and dealer locator or call: 1-800-455-0506

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