DRUM! Wishbook: Holiday Wish #27, from POWER Wrist Builders

POWER Wrist Builders™ – "The World's Ultimate Practice Sticks"

POWER Wrist Builders™ are SOLID aluminum or SOLID brass drumsticks weighing from 2 to 28 ounces. When used in a daily practice routine you will experience a dramatic difference in your power, endurance, agility and speed. They last a lifetime. Prices range from $69.95 - $89.95 per pair.

Now available:

Here's the all-new companion line of POWER Wrist Builders™ practice sticks. HEAVY COMPOSITE POWER WristBuilders™ feature space age materials with added weight to create practice sticks that are similar in concept to POWER Wrist Builders™ aluminum and brass practice drum sticks, but at a lower cost for the beginner or pro. Retail Price $49.95

  • Heavy weight for increased power, endurance and speed
  • Space age composites
  • Three weights available: 4, 6, 10 ounces
  • Practice just fifteen minutes a day to see improvement

Hear It, Feel It: The RETROPAD™ “The World’s Ultimate Practice Pad”

Modeled after the original 1950’s “RED” wood practice pad, this reproduction design provides the feel and sound not available in today's market. With the Retropad™ you can feel and hear your rolls, flams, paradiddles, ratamacues, and all the dynamics of your strokes.

Standard RETROPAD™ 6" x 8" playing surface; 7" x 10" overall. Gum rubber playing surface. Slanted for use with traditional or match grip. Retail Price $49.95

Ultimate RETROPAD™ 10" x 12" gum rubber playing surface. Mounted on a red 11" by 15" slanted wood surface that can be used with traditional or match grip. Retail Price $69.95

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