DrumClip: A New Take On Tone Control

DrumClip: A New Take On Tone Control

Disillusioned with duct tape? Jaded about gel? If you are among the drummers looking for fresh ways to remove unwanted frequencies from drumheads, DrumClip offers a cool alternative.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. and backed by a 100-percent lifetime guarantee, the DrumClip is made from a durable plastic and rubber compound. It will never fall off or loosen its grip on your drum, and can be used on batter and resonant heads alike. Due to its compact design, the DrumClip can be easily stored in the pocket of your hardware or stick bag, or stay on your drum during transport.

Excessive overtones are precisely controlled or eliminated with the slight pressure DrumClip applies to the drumhead. Included felt and rubber damper pads adhere to the flat surface of DrumClip for additional sound control options.

It’s fast and easy to attach and remove, making rapid tonal changes a snap onstage or in the studio. Plus it leaves no sticky residue on the head, so that the condition of the surface film remains unchanged.

What’s not to love?

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